How does Solar PV work?

Solar panels convert the sun's rays into DC electricity which is converted into a more friendly mains AC electricity which can power your home appliances. When you have more electricity than you need, you can charge a home storage battery, charge your electric vehicle or heat hot water through your immersion tank or Daikin heat pump. Later on at night when the sun has gone down and your solar PV is no longer producing electricity, you can run your home appliances from your home battery storage.

Flexi -Fi

Flexifi is a simple way to get the things you want now and pay for them in instalments with savings you make off your electricity bill.

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Energywise are one of Munster's leading installers of solar PV panels also know as solar photovoltaics. Our solar PV systems are installed in 1 day complete with a 20 year warranty on our solar panels for peace of mind. Energywise are a distributor for Solitek solar PV panels.

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