Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Households use most of their energy in the morning and especially in the evening time between 5-7pm. By using battery storage, you can store that energy you are producing from the midday sun and use it later on in the evening when the sun goes down. Adding battery storage makes it possible to reduce your electricity bills by up to 80%. It is also possible to power your home in the event of a powercut so you can keep your fridge, freezer, wifi, lights and tv running while you wait for the supply to come back. A battery can always be added down the line also.

Hybrid Inverter

The Hybrid inverter is very similar to the standard inverter however has extra systems in order to charge your battery. You can even charge your battery from cheap night rate electricity and run your home from your battery the following day saving up to 50% off electricity costs.

Utilise your surplus solar energy

Typical homes have high energy demands in the mornings and in the evenings but solar generation is highest mid-day. Without a Home Battery, much of the solar energy would be wasted since there isn't a high demand for the power in the home. A Home Battery allows you to store solar overproduction in order to use it later on when your energy demands are the highest.

Home Battery

Electricity Bill Saving
Charge during off-peak times
Discharge during peak times

Store solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels for the future use Emergency Power Backup
Discharge during a black-out, functioning as backup power

Backup Power during a Powercut

There seems to be more storms every year for the last few years and some really big ones such as storm Ophelia and more recently storm Dennis and Ciara causing huge power outages across the country.

With backup storage, it is possible to power some essential circuits in your home such as lights, sockets for the fridge/freezer and even your WIFI and TV.

If you get even one power cut in the winter, it is well worth having battery backup power for this reason alone.