Solar PV

Solar PV panels

Your roof could be generating free electricity to power your home, run your heat pump and charge your electric vehicle. With electricity prices rising every year and grants now available for solar PV panels, the time is now right to have solar PV installed on your roof. Once the system has been installed, there is no maintenance or looking after, the system looks after itself generating power every day when the sun shines. If you want to keep an eye on how much energy you are generating, you can do this also via a monitoring app depending on which system you go for.

Solar PV not only saves you money, it also increases the BER rating of your home and if you happen to sell in a few years time, houses with solar PV typically sell for more money and faster than houses that don't have PV.

With every year that passes, more homeowners are choosing heat pumps to heat their homes and electric vehicles for transportation. Solar PV can offset the cost of this extra energy useage and save you even more money.

Types of Solar PV modules

We source European manufactured solar panels from SoliTek that have a 20 year warranty and 25 year performance warranty.

The glass - glass panels even have a 30 year product warranty and 30 year efficiency guarantee and are extremely tough.

330W Black Panel

The 330W black panel looks incredible on a roof and are extremely high powered at 330W.
The panel has a 15 year manufacturer warranty and 25 year performance warranty. It is our most popular panel.

Glass-Glass frameless 320W

Bifacial solar modules offer many advantages over traditional solar panels. Power can be produced from both sides of a bifacial module, increasing total energy generation. Glass-glass modules are solar panels with solar cells arranged between two glass panes and are therefore frameless. They also look incredible.

Smart inverter with optimiser

The inverter converts the DC electricity from the solar pv panels into mains AC electricity that connects into your house electricity supply. It is possible to view from your phone how much electricity you are generating, importing, exporting or consuming.

SolarEdge inverters take this to another level making each solar panel a smart panel allowing to view how each panel is performing but more importantly boosting the voltage of each panel so it performs to it's maximum ability.

This is important if one of the panels falls into a shadow from a tree or chimney as the output of basic systems will fall to zero if even one panel is in the shade.

Energy Monitoring

The monitoring platform allows you to view how much energy your solar pv system is generating and you can even check this when you are away from home on your phone. You can also view how much energy your house is consuming, if you are exporting or importing energy or charging your battery if you have one. You can even see how much money your system is saving you since it was first installed.

Smart Energy Hot Water

When your solar pv is producing more energy than your house is using, that extra electricity normally goes back into the grid. Currently there is no feedback tariff for homeowner's to sell excess electricity back to the electricity suppliers however this is likely to change in the next year or two with the introduction of smart meters.

The best way to utilise this excess energy is to send it into your immersion heater so you have free hot water for your shower or bath. With the smart energy hot water device, you can even set hot water schedules from your phone so you can heat your water when you are away from home or coming back from holiday.

K2 Systems Roof Mounting

We use German made K2 systems roof mounting products which have the highest quality and precision crafted components with a 12 year warranty on all parts. We can mount your solar PV system on pitched roof with slate, tile, corrugated fibre cement, trapezoidal sheet metal, standing seems or flat roofs. We can also carry out ground mounted systems or commercial systems.